Hot One Today

I love being a photographer in the great state of Massachusetts. Every subject is exciting and affords a new thrill. I look for unusual angles and a way to enhance the lighting for drama and mood. It is a true art requiring a great eye, the best new technology and a willingness to take risks. You never know what the client will think so doing work on my own is more relaxing and rewarding. However, even an ordinary wedding can be fun and challenging. No one wants the same old thing any more with obvious poses. You have to be creative and insightful.

I have been at it for over fifteen years! Now that my own family has gotten bigger and I am busier, I am stepping away from the business a bit and have started this blog to offer the internet at large some tips on photography and portraits, and so I can write about something I love. If you have questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll answer it as soon as I can!

Let’s take another look at wedding photography. A recent ceremony called all of my experience and expertise into play and it was an eventful process. I had to work quickly before the bride looked wilted and sweaty. It was a hot summer day and I went home absolutely drained. The heat took its toll on my energy and I couldn’t wait to get home to jump in the shower. As I reveled in the cool spray of the showerhead, I ran through the results of the day. I love a really long shower and my trusty electric Tankless Center system was up to the task. It gives me time to reflect on my work.

I used the modern approach of casual candids except for a few formal wedding party portraits. I think the bride and groom will be very pleased. Getting good photos from people on the sly so that they look natural is the job of a wedding photography. You want to capture happy expressions and moments of connection between the happy couple throughout the event. This should give them ample choices for the final wedding album. I like to offer them a portrait on the first page followed by a family shot. You don’t need thousands of the wedding party since the key is to create the mood of the event in a less static manner.

Conventional photographers do the usual routine but the results are stiff and lifeless. Sure, everyone is there with a phony smile, but the wedding reception is usually neglected. Especially, if no video is taken, the couple will not have good memories to savor forever. You have to discard your old-fashioned notions and get with the contemporary taste for a natural and relaxed vibe. Times have changed and weddings are often in unusual locations with unique rituals. Take your cue from what is happening and capture the real mood of the event rather than using a preset process of yesteryear. It may take some time for beginners, but you will notice the good results if you let go of tradition.